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Outsource Your Fleet’s Maintenance Program

Streamline Operations and Maximize Savings with Latium Fleet Management

Discover how Latium Fleet Management can revolutionize your fleet maintenance strategy, empowering your business to navigate vendor relationships, optimize pricing, streamline regular maintenance, and effectively address repairs. 

Lower Service Rates

Thanks to our Canada-wide network of partnerships, Latium can provide you with exclusive rates on everything from parts, service, to regularly scheduled maintenance.

Save Time

By outsourcing your maintenance with Latium, you can improve how your time is utilized each day, knowing your fleet is in trusted hands.

Reduce Risk

Our team of experts can help ensure you remain compliant with the various service & maintenance requirements in your region.

Tire & Rim Packages

Comprehensive tire and rim solutions, including selection, installation, maintenance, and repair services to enhance vehicle safety, performance, and durability.

Oil Changes

Timely and reliable oil change services to ensure optimal engine performance, improve fuel efficiency, and extend fleet vehicle lifespan.

Fuel Card & Expense Monitoring 

Simplify fleet fuel management with dedicated fuel cards and comprehensive expense monitoring tools to track and optimize fuel usage, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling 

Efficiently plan and schedule regular maintenance tasks to prevent breakdowns and prolong the lifespan of fleet vehicles.

Body Work

Expert repair and restoration services for any damages or cosmetic issues to keep your fleet looking professional and well-maintained.


Access a wide range of vehicle accessories to enhance functionality, comfort, and convenience for your fleet, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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